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Geoff joined the band in 2012.

My Introduction to Guitar music happened by chance in Christmas 1968 when my older cousins Band gathered to play a few tunes in the Front Room to family members as a captive audience. Steve ( lead Guitar) and Ian ( Drums) with 2 others on Bass and Rhythm Guitar launched into some instrumentals. WOW! Never heard anything like that before, the next day I bought my first Shads Album ( Music for Pleasure label as it was cheaper)!

That was it. I was hooked one year later I had my own acoustic and chord book and merrily played along to the record player and growing number of Shadows LP's ( Yes it was a long time ago).

Without the help of Bert Weedon's Play in a Day book progress was slow but gradually I began to play a recognisable tune without the complication of reading music dots.

My first band was (REFLEX) - around 1974. Our first gig was in a Youth Club in a dubious part of town to which we played a selection of instrumentals which included Status Quo's Caroline! We had to play the whole set again as we ran out of numbers. (I don't know how we walked out unscathed)! A singer joined soon afterwards. This started my introduction to Social, Working Men's Clubs and Functions throughout the area. Other Bands followed (SOLITARE and SIGNATURE) weekend Gigs and Summer Seasons followed for many years to which Shadows numbers were always in the set they always went down well. (Like the one legged tap dancer).

Its an honour to be asked to be part of THE BOOTLEG SHADOWS - I will be the one on the end grinning as well as glancing at the chalk marks and trying to get the steps right ! Status Quo anyone?!

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Geoff's first band "REFLEX" in 1975
nice flares!


Geoff on-stage in the 90's