Other Group Members

Tim’s love for drumming started when he was very young. By the age of 8 he was having lessons with a local drum tutor (Dave Williams – now touring with ‘Beyond the Barricade’) and became a founder member of his first band - The Foottappers - at the age of 9.

With his dad being a big Shadows fan, Tim grew up around the music and gained his love for playing it from an early age.

Tim gathered experience playing with this Shadows tribute band up until 2012, playing in towns around the UK and Europe. During this time, Tim also played with other groups including local indie rock band ‘Charm of Achilles’, 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll group ‘The Thunderbolts’, and even a Jazz Orchestra!

At 14, Tim showed his excellence as a drummer studying music and obtaining Distinction at Grade 8 in drumming. He has received accolades for his drumming from many people, including Clem Cattini, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett!

Tim is thrilled to be stepping into the role of The Bootleg Shadows’ drummer – he is also just the youngest member of the band (by a few decades).