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In June 1960 Hank B Marvin, Bruce Welch, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan recorded Apache. This charted in July and became the monster hit that launched the Shadows instrumental career and founded a nation of bespectacled guitarists dreaming of acquiring their very own Fender Stratocaster and stepping out into the glaring spotlight of stardom.

With their immaculate appearance, synchronised dance movements and clean, pure melodic sound, the Shadows chalked up 35 hits of their own (not counting another 33 hits with Cliff Richard), giving them more hits than any other British group and securing them a unique place in the annals of popular music.

Today the Shadows make few live appearances but the Bootleg Shadows keep their ‘live’ sound alive by performing a fantasy concert that encompasses the Shadows amazing career from 1960 up until the early 80s.Concert audiences are invited to relive fantastic hits such as:

Foot Tapper, Man of Mystery, Atlantis, Wonderful Land, Kon Tiki, Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, FBI plus many, many more

In the company of Geoff, Keith, Tony, Tim and Binks the audience is taken on a tour of the Shadows career, with plenty of humour to make it a night out to remember. For anyone who loves the sounds of the 60’s – and enjoys a few laughs on the way – Bootleg Shadows perform a unique tribute that has audiences humming the tunes and doing the Shadows famous ‘walk’ long after they have left the theatre.


16 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi boys can you please come down to Cornwall & play sometime?
    See you at Lakeside on the 25th at Kathy’s Friday eve bash, & can you bring some t shirts & CD’s along as well.

    Regards Phil

    1. Hi Phil

      Will take your comments on board with Cornwall – we’ll see if there is anywhere that will have us!
      The Bootleg Shadows are not at Lakeside later in September, but I will be there on the Friday at the Sound Desk , so come over and say hello.
      Cheers Geoff

  2. Hi guys
    Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the show, loved the music and hope you will return to Weymouth some time in the future, it was great fun.
    Hank would be proud!

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Many thanks for your kind comments – its lovely to get feedback, The Pavilion is a great theatre to play with very helpful Staff and technicians. We enjoyed ourselves too so thanks for coming!

  3. Phil Kelly’s comments below –
    A bit late but just to say both my son James and i went along to see The Bootleg Shads for the 1st time at the weymouth pavillion.
    We enjoyed great music and plenty of humour and really enjoyed the whole show, being entertained from start to finish.
    All the guys played great and it really came across how much they were enjoying being on the stage , particular mention to Geoff who played excellently, with a great sound to boot, Bob did a great job with the sound as always.
    If you havent see the band yet i thoroughly recommend you pop along and have a listen, you wont be disappointed, keep it up guys.

  4. Great to see Neil and his friend all the way from Australia, they have see both recent shows and had said to Keith they planned their trip to the UK around our Theatre dates.
    That is amazing, thanks a lot for coming along and saying hello.

  5. Greetings,,what’s the chances of coming up to Blackpool Grand theatre in the near future on a Saturday or Sunday night , I’m 100% sure you will fill the theatre… Thanks Tony,,,

    1. Hi Tony
      That would be great wouldn’t it? We’ve had a look at the Theatre and its big, probably too big for us. Thanks for you message though, if there are any smaller venues you know of get in touch.

      1. Greetings Geoff,, There are 2 smaller theatres that have come to mind and they are The Lowther Pavilion at Royal Lytham St Annes Tel 01253794221 ,,,or/and Oswaldtwistle theatre (Nr Accrington ) Tel 01254398319 hope these are ok to give a try Geoff,,ps sat or sun better for me cos I work for Royal Mail ,,thanks again Tony.

  6. 22nd April 2016 Dorking Halls

    Am coming from the frightened city(Leatherhead)
    Would like to thank you all for a fabulous evening and thanks to Tony for coming and having a photo taken with our disabled son Matthew. Hope to see you again and will bring more friends next time.

    Barbara, Mark and Matt xxx

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