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  1. Enjoyed the show in Derby tonight. Shads fan for over 50 years and still love the music. You did it proud – well done. See you again I hope!

    1. Thanks Ian. We had a great night and should be back next Easter. We’ll put date on the web site if/when confirmed.

  2. Full house in Crawley last night and deservedly so. A terrific evening with both the audience and the band obviously enjoying themselves.
    You deserve to be more widely known and I can’ t wait to see you again when you come within travelling distance.

    1. Thank you for your great comments Bazza,
      We did all enjoy this one. It was also filmed with most of the numbers intact. We may do something with this.
      Glad you enjoyed it – we will see you next year, keep an eye out for more 2017 dates, one of which should be Crawley!

    1. Thanks Trevor. We enjoy mixing it up a bit and it’s nice to have a lead guitar spot for Keith. As Tony C puts it, think of it as a mixed salad and we’re the tossers!

  3. Daw you at The Guildhall Derby on 30th March 2018 and same as last year you were fantastic. I was brought up on Cliff and The Shadows and absolutely love the music. Keep the good work up looking forward to seeing you next year

  4. Hi Geoff and all of the band. I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance at Tilburg on Saturday. And it was a great pleasure to talk you you. Pity you were not the last band to end the event because there was no increase possible and the final act was very disappointing (exept the brilliant “ELVIS”.)
    I hope to see/hear you again some day somewhere.
    And again “Thank you for the music” and the brilliant most entertaining show.
    Best wishes, Ernst (burnsernst)

    1. Hi Ernst – It was great to talk to you too, thanks very much for writing in. The Bootleg Shadows were there 10 years ago when Tim was in THE FOOTTAPPERS – He was recognised by many people which was lovely. For us, it was a fantastic weekend – memories will stay with us a long time.
      We all very much enjoyed the experience and would love to come back another time.

  5. Wonderful night at the palace threate in Paignton…these guys are as good as it gets..brilliant all round show , very funny and most of all fantastic music….if you like the shadows , they are as good.

    1. Hi Ken Thanks so much for writing in – it was our pleasure! Tony will be pleased his Jokes are funny… We are back at the Palace Paignton in July 2019 so hope to see you again.

  6. This is Keith – the bass player from the Wannabe Shadows, saw you guys last night at the Shadows celebration at Lakeside in Frimley – what a fabulous show – the energy, the professionalism and the effortless musicianship was a joy to watch……..well done lads……….. 🙂

  7. Came to see you at the Tivoli Wimborne last night. What a fantastic evening, a great show. Came out with a smile on my face, as well as a CD and tee shirt. My wife wondered what I’d been doing! Hope to catch you again when you’re next in Dorset.

    1. Our wives wonder what we are doing too….or more like jobs we’re not doing while we’re out gigging. Thanks for the comments and see you next time.

    1. Hi Sue
      Many thanks for writing in – all being well Autumn / Winter 2020 for Bootleg Shadows – the sequel!

  8. Hi Geoff and all the Band.
    Great evening at Crawley on Friday.Our first time and won’t be our last.Couldn’t believe the time !0.45pm,The time just flew by!!
    Lovely mix of great music and fun,Well done.
    Hank be very Afraid!!!

    Chris and Christine

    1. Hi Chris & Christine, Thanks so much – It was as Tony said our “end of term” date – we love playing the Hawth and will be back there next year ( see our GIGS tab ). We usually are in bed by 10.30PM look forward to seeing you both soon. Cheers Geoff

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