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  1. Enjoyed the show in Derby tonight. Shads fan for over 50 years and still love the music. You did it proud – well done. See you again I hope!

    1. Thanks Ian. We had a great night and should be back next Easter. We’ll put date on the web site if/when confirmed.

  2. Full house in Crawley last night and deservedly so. A terrific evening with both the audience and the band obviously enjoying themselves.
    You deserve to be more widely known and I can’ t wait to see you again when you come within travelling distance.

    1. Thank you for your great comments Bazza,
      We did all enjoy this one. It was also filmed with most of the numbers intact. We may do something with this.
      Glad you enjoyed it – we will see you next year, keep an eye out for more 2017 dates, one of which should be Crawley!

    1. Thanks Trevor. We enjoy mixing it up a bit and it’s nice to have a lead guitar spot for Keith. As Tony C puts it, think of it as a mixed salad and we’re the tossers!

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