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We have available at all Venues:
Our new Tour Mugs 2019

T-shirts ( now Black with our logo ), Plectrums Badges, Key Rings

Sprigs of Lucky Heather / Clothes Pegs

 Live CD as well as our NEW DVD – “Under The Counter” Filmed in BootlegOvision!!

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CDs can be ordered from Leo’s Den – click here: DVDs and all merchandise can be purchased after the shows…

Don’t forget to stop by and say hello!

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4 thoughts on “Merchandise”

    1. We did play Tilburg near Eindhoven some years ago but it’s difficult for us with the travel expenses and logistics. Would love to do a few European dates in the future but nothing planned at the moment.

  1. Great night at The Hawth Crawley hope to see you all 2023 keep
    Shadowing even forgive the one or two wrong notes, Thanks again…Keep the Tim Drumming !

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