Radio Appearances:
monkey jamboree 2023-03

Binks writes: In March 2023, I had a great time and tried not to make a total idiot of myself as the guest on Black Country Radio Xtra’s Monkey Jamboree. It’s presented by two fun and entertaining local musicians – Jim and Busby – and features guests mainly from the local music scene. As well as plugging forthcoming Shads gigs and playing some of our music, I was asked about other bands and venues I’ve played in over the years. – especially locally – and got to pick all the music in the second hour. Edited down to about 40 minutes by fading out music selections and split it into 6 parts of 5-10 minutes each.

As you can see in the picture, Jim was delighted by the present of air guitar strings from the merch stand. We were asked if we had air plectrums recently which we don’t have. Never seen it done but you could play air guitar with a real plectrum. As an aficianado of air instruments from the ever-growing collection of air instruments in his “airing cupboard” I wonder what Jim’s view is on this technique,

Part 1: Intro & Bootlegs chat

Part 2  Bootleg Shads montage and a bit of Big Blues Tribe

Part 3: Previous bands etc.

Parts 4-6: Other music picks:

The latest episode of Monkey Jamboree is available as a podcast and always a good listen.


Our front three – Keith, Tony C and Geoff appeared on the Bill Buckley show on Radio Berkshire in September 2017. Those of you who follow rugby can think of Keith and Geoff as the props and Tony as the hooker.  Here is part 1 of the interview:

and Part 2:


Millions tuned in to hear Geoff and Tony on the Clare Cavanagh show on Radio Bristol in August 2016. Well quite a few did. Listen to the clip below in case you missed it. You’ll hear about Tony’s big horn and find out more about Geoff’s surname than you ever dreamed of knowing. We put in the not so subtle edit in Wonderful Land so you don’t get all of it but it’s in full on our Audio page.