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  1. Saw you perform at the pavilion theatre Weymouth on the 5th of September absolutely brilliant!! The technical hitch didn’t detract from the marvellous music at all. Shame it wasn’t a bigger audience. Bought the cd and enjoyed the whole evening from ‘ Riders in the Sky’ until FBI, you have done ‘The Shads’ proud. I’m sure Jet and Tony will be looking down on you all in great admiration after all you are keeping the music alive. Look forward to seeing you again 27/8/16 at The Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne. Best Wishes Pete & Noelle Hutton

    1. Thanks for your support. Not far off 200 there which is not a bad crowd but more would always be nice. The Tivoli is always good so we’re looking forward to that. Thanks again.

  2. Don’t forget, as well as the Web Site we are also on Facebook, all you have to do is search for Bootleg Shadows.
    You will find loads more pictures of the Band as well as to join in with your comments and thoughts or ask any questions about the Band ( Or the real Shads )!

  3. Hi guys,
    I was extremely impressed with ‘that sound’ and your musicianship last night in Camberley.
    Having seen ‘The Shadows’ with Cliff in 2009,i thought that the early sixties sound was nailed last night.The instrumentals sounded exactly like ‘the boys’,while the singing was lacking slightly.Sorry,but i’m just giving you my honest opinion.

    It is extremely difficult to capture Hank Marvins sound and phrasing,as i used to do a one man tribute myself,but could never capture ‘that sound’ completely.

    Having seen at least half a dozen ‘Shads’ tributes over the year’s including the fabulous ‘Rapiers’,your performance and sound was the closest i’ve ever experienced.Well done lad’s and my wife and i will certainly be attending another of your concerts in the near future.

    Perhaps you can cover a few of my personal favourites next time, the breeze and i, slaughter on 10th avenue and genie with the light brown lamp?

    1. Thanks for the generous comments and the honest opinions. Look forward to playing for you again. We’re in Camberley again in September at the Lakeside as part of the Shadows event. About half our usual 2 hour show but see the gigs page for our other dates.

  4. I attended the performance on Saturday evening with my mum,really enjoyed the comedy and great guitar playing, the young lad on drums was brilliant, hope to see you again soon in Camberley. Seen them before at Camberley however each show is brilliant and always an enjoyable evening. Highly recommended a great feel good factor show. Many thanks Guys xxx ps love the new hair style Tony.

  5. I went along to the Tivoli in Wimborne last night (27 August) and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Although there was a slight problem with Geoff’s equipment to start with – it was 4th time lucky – this and the comedy made the show all the more entertaining. It was also nice speak to Tony Cole after the show and to be told that the group will be coming back again next year.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Strange these gremlins creep in from time to time. This one all we could do is just start again.
      I am happy and relieved to say my equipment has behaved itself since then. At least it proves we are not miming…
      As you can see we are already booked for 2017 so hope to see you back next year.

  6. Great performance at Shadowmania. Excellent sound & you appeared to be enjoying it as much as the audience.

    Please come to Kent the natives are quite friendly!

  7. Hi Robert, thanks very much – we did!
    There are a few clips of our performance on Utube which I have put on our Facebook Page if you want another look.
    we will try to come to the Kent area next year ( we are looking)
    Cheers Geoff

  8. I went to Derby last week and saw the bootleg Shadows for the first time. I never thought I would hear myself say that anyone could play as well as the Shadows but these guys were amazing, it was a brilliant show, plenty of comedy as well as some wonderful guitar playing. I’d watch them again if I could. Brilliant, thats all I can say!!!!

    1. You can see us again – come to every gig if you like. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm – and the exclamation marks!!

    1. Wow!! Thank you very much for your kind words. We do try to sound as close as possible to the real thing. You can definitely come again, and next time bring a few friends!

    1. We are in Diss next year which is the other end of Norfolk to Cromer but keep an eye on our web site Gigs page or sign up to our Facebook page for updates.
      Thanks for the comments

  9. Great evening at Arts Centre in Swindon tonight (14/4/2018), we enjoyed it equally as much as Haymarket Basingstoke last year, you truly are great musicians. We were wondering if you ever perform on cruise ships.

    1. Hi Liz
      Thank you for writing in – we would love to be on Cruise ships, we will keep trying but is a difficult area to break in to.

  10. Well done lads what a fantastic show you put on for the Marie Curie event everyone who attended has requested for another one next year! I cannot thank you enough and if anyone wants to confirm what a brilliant live stage act re-creating the hits of the Shadows and Cliff they can contact me on my e-mail and I shall reply, keep on strumming out the classics regards Mick Plant organiser Golden Daffodil Event

  11. High Guys, We had a fantastic night at the Stamford Corn Exchange and were thoroughly entertained by the sounds of the Shadows and the on stage humour.
    I’ve been a Shadows fan for some 50 years and have missed their stage appearances but now I have found you guys I’m happy again and will look out for you
    Where abouts are you guys based?
    I brought my young son Bob Cliffe up with Shadows music and turned him loose with a guitar at the age of 5, unfortunately for me by the time he was 10 he was putting stuff on that I couldn’t play!!
    Thank you again for a fantastic night.

    1. Hi Tony
      We are fairly wide spread from The Midlands to down South – hopefully we will be back in the area next year, thank you for writing with your kind comments. Hope you catch up with your sons playing ability….

  12. Another fabulous, fun evening in Crawley on Sunday! What a great band and atmosphere and well done, Tony, on Nivram at ‘v late notice’ – loved it!! Super to get ‘up close and personal’ during the set (you sat next to my wife during the show to rest your pins!!). We will definitely be back next year. ps is Geoff still cheaper than Hank….?! (He shouldn’t be!)

    1. Hi Paul and Dee…………
      Sorry Tony sat next to you, he is mostly harmless and house trained – but accidents do happen!
      Did yon know Nivram is Marvin spelt backwards? Tony loves that number…Ha Ha.
      Hopefully back next year in November, thanks for being there this year!
      Geoff is the best in his price range.. See you next year!

  13. Thank you guys for a fantastic evening! Certainly nailed it for the folk in Market Drayton! Loved the music and the humour. You all should be proud of your skills and professionalism . Brought back a lot of lovely memories. Geoff, you made that guitar ‘talk’! Thanks again for a superb show! Terry

    1. Tony does plenty of talking as well as Geoff’s guitar! Thank you for the great comments. We’re booked for the Oakengates, Telford next year and would love to come back to Market Drayton.

    1. Hi Graham – We are spreading our wings further North in 2019 – have a look at our Tour Dates for all the info –
      We are kicking off 2019 in Beverley at The Parkway Theatre 10/2 and The Parkway Cleethorpes April 21st – hope these are close enough for you
      Thanks for getting in touch.

    1. Hi Ton
      We would love to come back over to the Netherlands to play at Tilburg again – we are waiting for the invite

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